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Downsizing and Preparing for RV LIFE ON THE ROAD!

In this episode I will be discussing the steps to downsize and prepare for RV Life On The Road.  Also, I will give you my take of using RV covers and the outcome during the polar arctic winter

 we've had in Chicago during 2018/19 season.  Come along with me as I venture into this exciting new chapter after being unplugged from the corporate world.

RV Winterization Tips While Your RV is in Storage

Here are several tips of many ways for maintaining your RV if its stored during the winter season.

I hope that you find these take-aways helpful in your awesome EPIC nomadic experience. 

Escapees RV Club, Lessons Learned, Picnic Table Conversation

The Journey Home - Picnic Table Conversation based on my experience while on the road. 

Pioneer's Park, Dinner, Potluck, & After the Movie

Its time unwind and check out Pioneer's Park, VIP Dinner, Potluck, Partying After the Movie Celebration! 

A Quick chat w/ Eric Odom & Checking out the neighb

I had a chance to have a quick chat with Eric Odom the Director of the movie RV Nomads as well as taking a walk through the awesome Wellington, Texas neighborhood.  

Checking out the towne square at NomadFEST 2018

Checking out the Towne Square locked in time and RV Show in Wellington, Texas. 

Wellington, Texas remind me of the old fictional town of Mayberry. 

My Journey To NomadFEST 2018

I had a chance to meet and greet other YouTubers as well as subscribers at the opening introductions of NomadFest 2018. 

Check it out!