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Tim a.k.a. known as TDUB/TWILL has been an RV enthusiast for a very long time, ever since he was a kid.  He has realized his dream of purchasing a used RV to learn the in’s and out's including teaching himself how to be a confident driver. 

Soon Tim will be embarking on a new journey by downsizing, and moving out his current domicile and spending a year on the road after retirement. 

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Part 3 ~ My Journey To NomadFEST 2018 "I HAVE ARRIVED"

This Part 3 of my journey to NomadFest 2018 in Wellington, Texas.   Just driving to Wellington was exciting me let alone meeting so many cool family members.

Part 2 ~ My Journey To NomadFEST 2018

This is Part 2 of a series of a journey that  i've been planning to attend for about a year now, this is my dry run into the EPIC Nomad life after retirement of 34 years in 2019. 

Part 1 ~ Special TIMROVER Presentation - My Journey To Nomad

This is a trip that i've been planning to attend for about a year now, this is my dry run into the EPIC Nomad life after retirement of 34 years.   

RV Innovative Idea #76 - No Fuss RV Sewer Hose Modification

Here is a modified RV sewer hole connecting device is an awesome innovative idea that I had to share. This connection really saves time as well as if you are concerned the connection will vibrate loose from the force of the black and gray tanks. 

Replacing the RV Opaque Entry Door Glass

I've finally replaced the opaque RV entry door glass with a Clear View version and it's an awesome addition to TIMROVER.  

Renewing the RV LP Propane Tank (On Board)

In this episode I am going to walk you through the steps to renew your LPG tank to look good as new. Since the LPG tanks are exposed to debris on the road and weather.  An on board propane will rust over time. By rejuvenating your RV LPG tank it will last for many years.  

Building a Mount Anywhere "RV" Flag Pole Holder

In this episode I'll walk you through the steps to build a simple but functional RV innovative Flag Pole mount. Using a suction cup grab mount, this will allow you to mount your special flag (s) anywhere on your rig.  

Replacing the RV Refrigerator Vent Cover

In this episode I'll walk you through the simple steps to replace the RV Refrigerator Vent Cover on TIMROVER. It's always a good idea to inspect you RV roof no matter what type it is. 

Installing Modern LED RV Interior Lighting

I finally removed the outdated gold incandescent light fixtures that used automobile 12V light bulbs. This small transformation gave TIMROVER an updated look to my home on wheels. 

RV Water Regulators and its correct location

Many of us have installed the water regulator on our rigs, either to save the headache of not forgetting to leave the regulator behind or the simply the convenience of.   

Well I have learned this can be harmful to your PVC connections as well as your drinking water hoses.  If you are still installing the RV water regulator at the rig side, watch this episode as well as my other episodes that might just change your mind.